Feb 17, 2011

and breathe . . .

If you live in Iowa you know what I mean about today. What a refreshing day. 70 degrees (or pretty close), sunshine, fresh air, birds chirping, not having to layer the littles. Just an awesome afternoon. The kids got super muddy but I didn't care a bit - I only warned them to stay away from the (mounds) of dog (and deer) poop all over our backyard. No, we don't have a dog. But there are still plenty of dogs in our neighborhood who apparently prefer our yard. That didn't even get me down - did I mention70 degrees (or pretty close)?!?!?!

We walked to the park, Cooper held my hand when asked (big improvement from our last walk to the park several months ago). I wore Callum in the carrier and he was just happy as can be, laughing at everything. And Charlotte, well she was breathing in the sunshine just as much as her momma. "Momma, I'm the leader, but you're the boss," she said as we set off up the sidewalk. True dat sista! :)


For the record, this was just six days ago: Snow still so deep, the kids had a hard time walking. All the snow is gone. Crazy weather.


And for no other reason than that Cal looks a little dazed in the above pic (I think he's noticing the snow on my lens), here's one I took yesterday of our handsome little dude.

I could eat him. With a spoon. He's that adorable. Yep, I said it. :)


Cori said...

I just love your family! Glad you all enjoyed the nice day! We still want to visit this spring for a big play date :)