Feb 14, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow . . .

(bad mommy blogger, bad mommy blogger - forgot to blog Char's birthday party)

We hadn't really wanted to do a big birthday party for another year or so, thinking we could get away with just family birthdays. However, Charlotte loves birthdays - just the idea of birthdays and birthday parties. She "plays" birthday quite a bit. That coupled with the arrival of one of those birthday party catalogs in the mail (with Wizard of Oz party, momma! look balloons!! and napkins!! with Dorothy!!) meant we were going to have to put a little get together, um, together.

I ordered a few themed balloons and a few other little things - not the whole set because I would've had to sell a small child for that price. :) But there was this little snowstorm and FedEx was enjoying my box of party goodies in Chicago the day of the party. So, the night before, Dan and I decided to do it up homemade style. Char loved everything, never knowing the difference. And we enjoyed the "real" balloons on Sunday on her real birthday/family party.
The treats: Auntie Em's cookies, Yellow Brick cookies, Munchkin Lollipops, Scarecrow's Straw (pretzels), Tinman (candy) Hearts. Oh and birthday cake of course!
Dan made a little house. Notice the Wicked Witch's legs and Charlotte's own drawing of Dorothy and Toto. She's becoming quite the artist herself, says the proud momma.

My awesome husband also made a Tinman.

Checking out the cake, and the long searched for Wizard of Oz toy set (found on Etsy). Do you know how hard it is to find Wizard of Oz toys? I was clicking my heels all over the internet. This was just a vintage little set that she loved.

Fun time was had by all. Basically, beyond the food, it was just another regular playdate.
Low key birthday party is my kind of party.
Now the cake. My first attempt at something somewhat "fancy."
It was far from perfect, but I think turned out rainbow-ish enough and kinda cool.
On Sunday, the 6th, her actual birthday we had Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Kellie down for lunch and an easier, and yummy, strawberry cake. Tuesday, she took chocolate mini muffins to preschool for birthday treats. This past Sunday, Char had another birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Canny's house Cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles. :) Four years old, four sets of treats, four sugar highs. But well deserved for our little gal.


Betsy said...

Adorably creative!

Julie said...

I was very impressed with your decs!! So cute!!

Shannon said...

You are such an amazing mommy.....I miss you!

sarah979c said...

Awesome party theme! Way better than our Toy Story theme! LOL