Jan 18, 2016

Christmas Recap

Christmas moring with some of their favorite presents. Cady slept through gift opening. :)


Haha. She didn't quite fit - but she was our family's favorite present this year!

Stocking stuffer fun glasses!

A few days after Christmas, we headed up to Grandma and Grandpas.

She was happy ten seconds before and after the picture! :)

Dec 17, 2015

baby hair.

Somedays we think Cady's hair is coming in brown, other days it looks blonde. Her hairline is still a little patchy in the back and her newborn mohawk is still standing up on top. Sweetie. 

Cooper turns 7!

We celebrated with a football themed party at the bowling alley. 
If it's a sport with a ball, Cooper is happy. All.day.long. His friends knew that too as he got five balls that day.

Charlotte got to bring her friend, Lauren, along. We love this girl. So sweet.

A few days later was the kids' Christmas program at school. They clean up pretty nice. :)

The birthday boy!

Dec 11, 2015

Three Months!

~ Huge growth spurt in the last two weeks. I don't know for sure how much she weighs, but I'm guessing 14-15 at least.
~ Size 2 diapers.
~ 3-6 month or 6 month clothes.
~ Sleeping awesome at night and for the last few days, taking super long naps - see: growth spurt.
~ Loves bathtime, her family smiling at her and talking back to her cooing, staring at lights (the big kids laugh because she's entertained by the ceiling lights).

Oh, and we've upped our headband game. Stylin'!  

Christmas Cheer!

During the short time our family had a pet dog (turns out we weren't ready for a dog, shocker), we discovered that the puppy's favorite snack was Little People. In particular, our Little People Nativity set. Weird. I replaced it this year and Clane got a kick out of Jesus and the Jesus Daddy and Jesus Mommy.  :)

Lest you think it's all peaceful here. Um, not so much. Wrestling.all.the.time.

Dec 3, 2015


Callum trying on his new singlet for wrestling. He's having a blast!

Eight Weeks

Posting these from a month ago, before I get too far behind again. :)

At Cady's two month appointment she had jumped up the growth chart. From one month to two, she went from 25 percentile in height/weight to 50 percentile weight and 87 percentile height. Those growth charts are just a little wacky.