Feb 21, 2011

fun weekend

Saturday night Dan and I attended a Night of Worship at the Bridge. Carlos Whittaker performed with our church's worship band and it was a nice little date while the grandparents watched the kiddos. I took some pics for the Bridge and had a lot of fun doing so. They're not nearly as sharp as I'd prefer and I have much to learn but, hey, it was fun to play concert photographer for the night. Maybe I could hit the road someday shooting concerts and hanging with the groupies? Hee.

More here

Oh, and just to prove I am a hobbyist photographer - I took more than 200 pictures and kept 30. Many of pictures were much too blurry because the band was awesome and I couldn't stand still. :)


Jennifer said...

Your photos are suh-weet! (that's my best attempt at spelling an over emphasized, drawn out "sweet") Yes, they are that awesome, and you are very talented! Give yourself some due credit! And that Carlos Whittaker and our band kicked some butt in the worship department. Amazing!

Julie said...

I LOVE them...you are so talented, and I'm glad you are taking pictures for our church! Those are great...love the last one!

sarah979c said...

Wish I could have gone, but we had our Dave Ramsey class that night, and I literally drove in our driveway at 6:30pm from Minnesota- the same time our class is supposed to start! LOL Great pics! Wish I had a camera like yours :)