Apr 29, 2010

Lend a hand!

So I'm at that point where I'm not moving too quickly. And we're also at that point where we have to keep my camera up, up and away from Cooper as he's fascinated with it. So, there hasn't been much picture taking, therefore blogging lately, because by the time I lug myself to find where I left the camera, the moment has passed. :) But, we're all good in the hood, fo' shizzle.
And in case, you all have an inclination to help out our dear O-Town - go sign up here for the Spring Service Surge on Saturday, May 15th! There are projects for all different skill levels that need approximately 250 people to serve. How awesome would it be to think of this as a mission trip to your own town?!? The surge is a ministry of A Call To Service Ministries of Iowa (ACTS) and The Bridge is helping set it up (but, by no means do you have to be affiliated with the Bridge, or any church for that matter, to help).
We've been attending The Bridge for a few months now and loving it! While we certainly miss many people and aspects of First Lutheran we feel led to the Bridge and our super excited each week to go (how often can you say that about going to church - ha!). More on this transition to come . . .