Apr 21, 2010

Date Day & Belly Shot

Today we switched things up a bit. Char got to have a special lunch date (she actually kept calling it a "meeting") with her daddy. She picked out her own dress, filled her purse with her necessities (play jewelry and a race car) and decided on her Nikes to complete the look. :) Dan took her on a tour of the office (she loves everyone who works there, as they tend to give her treats) and this time got to see the paper actually being printed. "I was scared mommy but then I wasn't." (The press is loud!) Then it was off to eat where she picked out her own meal and ate with great manners (according to Dan). Her favorite part, when asked, though, was the sucker she got at the bank after eating - ha!
I think they both had an awesome time. And I love that Charlotte got some much deserved one on one attention. We're definitely going to make these dates a priority with all our kids.

(mowing yesterday)

Cooper and I had some fun alone time too. We went to the bagel shop where he personally waved and flirted with everyone who came through the door. Usually Cooper is the one you have to work to get a smile out of - but he was all into hamming it up. I think he enjoyed the personal time as well.

50 days to go (till the "due date" anyway).

Baby's crib is up in the corner (thanks Leslie!). It seems a little strange to me that I wasn't getting a proper nursery together this time around. But his dresser is full, clothes hung in the closet, bedding washed - and being only a foot away from mommy (a/k/a his food - ha) probably isn't that bad. We'll move him in with Cooper when he gets a little older. So close!


Leslie said...

You need to blow up that picture of Cooper! I love it!!