May 4, 2010

Future lawyers?

Saturday I enjoyed a day out alone and traveled to DSM for my friend Cori's baby shower. Cori is due just six days before me and I can't wait to meet her little girl, Vivian. Cori, Stephanie and I all logged many, many hours together in both study time and fun times during law school. Both Cori and Stephanie are now prosecutors and I'm so lucky to have them as friends!

By the way, yes, I realize I'm huge. Basically how I look (and feel) is how I looked (and felt) about two weeks before giving birth both times before. So, my prediction is an early delivery, not in two weeks, but I don't think I'll make my due date. Either that, or there's a twin hiding in there somewhere. :)


Cori said...

I feel so cool that Viv and I made the blog! On a related note I also feel huge, if that's a sign of early delivery she should have been her a long time ago :)

SHannon said...

I think you look beautiful and amazing! You don't even have puffy face syndrome! I looked like I swallowed watermelons in both cheeks by my due dates!