Jul 27, 2009

When a day gives you lemons . . .

. . . blog. Because you probably wouldn't get to drink the lemonade anyway.

Carried a basket of cleaned and folded laundry upstairs to Charlotte's bedroom to put away - interrupted by a little girl wanting a snack.

Helped little girl get a snack and started to clean the master bathroom - interrupted by little girl dumping said snack on the floor of baby's room.

Started vacuuming up said snack - interrupted by a little girl who, in an attempt to wash her hands in said master bathroom, broke the handle off the sink (HOW IN THE WORLD!?!?).

Tried to figure out how to fix said bathroom sink handle - interrupted by said little girl pooping right.next.to.her.potty.chair.on.the.floor (WHY?!?!?!).

Cleaned up bathroom floor, walked little girl into bedroom for naptime - to find the clean and once folded clothes all over bedroom floor - of course.

who me?


Karla said...

Sounds like a day at the Ingelin household too. It just never ends, does it?

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what there little minds can think of. I don't understand why they do what they do sometimes. I hope tomorrow is better. P.S. you should write these stories down and then after a couple more years you can write a book.