Jul 24, 2009

A bike mommy!

I see a bike mommy! Yes, dear, only about 15,000 or so.

RAGBRAI (big statewide bike ride) has rolled in and out. Dan worked hard on the publicity committee and we're happy it went off without incident. Yesterday we went down to the bridges to walk around and take in the sights while it was still kid friendly - ha! I'm not sure what was Charlotte's favorite part - pointing out bike after bike after bike, eating pie bought from a vendor (she loves her pie), or dancing to a local tuba band (she also, oddly, really loves tubas).

This morning we walked up to the exit route out of town and watched hundreds of bikers heave themselves, uphill, out of town. One biker stopped and gave her some party beads. It kinda' grossed me out because I wonder how he got those party beads but it made her day - I still stuck them in the dishwasher though. :)


Julie Wigle said...

Party beads--Mallory got some too from the bike riders that stayed at our house. :) Good idea to wash them! Thankfully, Courtside was handing them out, so let's hope nothing had to be "done" to get them. You never know....