Jul 23, 2009

Bottle Baby Steps.

Cooper went through a little stage this past month of not wanting to nurse when there was anything else going on in the room, or rather, not wanting to nurse if his sister was within viewing distance. Hence we started to have a few extra nighttime feedings, I started getting a little extra tired and, therefore, started thinking about switching things up a bit. We've introduced a sippy cup (he loves it with really cold water, helps his swollen gums) and I think he actually swallows a bit while getting drenched in the process (good thing it's summer). He's taking more solids now too and the last week he's done better at night.

The other day I thought we'd try a bottle, with a little bit of Enfamil's best, to test his reaction The handful of times we've tried a bottle so far had been rather unpleasant, but what else is there to do on a rainy day instead of torturing your infant son - ha! And besides, Charlotte was super excited as she's been waiting to give Bubbie a bottle for a long time - so I let her try it out - see how I'm already making her do my dirty work.

Cooper's face, I think, best describes his excitement level. :)

But we made some progress. No screaming and he held it himself. I'm not sure if he actually got any out (bought some faster flow nipples to help solve that problem) but we're taking some good baby steps. Maybe he'll take a bottle when he's 12, I kid. Or maybe not at all. But it's good to know that he actually knows what one may be used for in case I, i.e., his food source, decide to head off in to the sunset. (just kidding)