Mar 6, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Yeah for the nice weather! Warm temps not only means we get outside but I love how the fresh air makes both kids nap longer!!

Rather than parking Cooper in the stroller while we're outside, I've been babywearing! I was trying to explain to mom about my new carrier - the Moby Wrap. I still use the Peanut Shell Sling here and there - great for the library storytime - but the wrap is more comfortable for longer periods of time for both Cooper and myself. He can look to either side and when he gets tired, I just pull the cover over his head to provide a little support.

(please excuse the no makeup, bad haired mommy)

(peek a boo, I see you!)

Anyway, I'm really getting hooked on "babywearing." It's so convienant and Cooper, as do most babies, loves to be held close, but I still get my hands free to reign in Charlotte.

Plus, when he's bigger I might be able to do this (how fun!):

But I'll probably never be cool enough to try this (ha!):

And Lord help us all if I ever have to try it out with two (can you believe that?):


Kevin Sandi Emma said...

I'm laughing out loud at this post. I love the Moby. Maybe I'll buy one if we have another little one!

Julie Wigle said...

Please do the yoga pose and take a picture....I would love that. :) Hilarious!