Mar 5, 2009

Deep thoughts.

I love me a good ceiling.

Did I remember to turn off the iron?

The next time I wear orange pants better be in jail.

Humanah Humanah Humanh.

If she thinks this is fun, she should love the surprise in my diaper!

I wonder what time Days comes on?

I'm thinking Stuball to Show in the Fifth.

Just lay here and be still, maybe she'll go away.

Do you think Mallory likes younger guys?

Today's to do list: eat, sleep, poop.

What's this I hear about Congress mortgaging my future?

If 3x + 5 = 20 and 3x =15, then x = 5.

Mom really needs to get out more.


Julie Wigle said...

Mallory LOVES younger boys...but needs to have more play "dates" to be sure. :) Keep dreaming Cooper. I laughed a lot at your mommy's funny ways.

Betsy said...

This tickled my funny bone. Your children are adorable!!! Loved the picture of Charlotte feeding her baby, too. Too cute!!!

Cori said...

Love the orange pants and accompanying thought :)