Mar 8, 2009

Me Pee Pee!! Me Poo Poo!!

Now imagine hearing that very loudly, very excitedly, and about 200 times over the last 2 days! That's how we spent our weekend - we're in full blown potty learning time here in the Canny household! Except for 2 small times, Char went all weekend going in the potty (pretty good for her first weekend in pull-ups). We're not really pushing her, just letting her take the lead (as if there was any other way with Charlotte - ha!) and she's surprising us both with how great she's doing.

But I mean, c'mon, she can feed her baby doll - of course she can use the potty!
Baby need Momma Juice!


Caela said...

Autumn, so great to read your blog and see your growing family!! This pic is so funny to me...because my mom has a few ones like this of ME, so certain that my baby dolls needed to be nursed, just like my mom did with my little sister!! ha, ha. Congrats on a beautiful family!!