Jun 1, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation...

We picked up the older three today from a little extended trip up at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Personally, the timing was perfect because I had a few days to recharge and get geared up and pumped for our three months of summer vacation. Of course, I had little Clane with me so it wasn't all bon bons around here. But it was nice, not going to lie.  ; ) Plus the kids had fun too - thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!  I consider this past week my vacation, before the kids' vacation - ha!  We didn't do anything crazy but just had time to take a breather and relax a bit...

Slept in with little baby curled up next to me.

Watched storms roll in and rain fall down without muddy little boots tracking it all in.

Placed pretty peonies in a vase without fear of the glass being pumped into.

Ate great big salads for lunch without anyone asking for corndogs or chicken nuggets.

Chatted and hung out with friends without my eyes darting in three different directions.

Cleaned and organized the kids' rooms and ...wait for it...they stayed clean!

Ate dinner with Dan and had full length conversations!  :)

Carried and nursed and carried and nursed and carried and nursed a little teething cutie.
It was so appreciated! Now the kids are back and bring on summer!