May 31, 2013

Last few weeks of school...

OCS Spirit Week was a lot of fun for the kids.
They really got creative in picking out their different outfits.
Char's class had an indoor overnight campout! Dan got to spend the night camping in her classroom but by all reports - they all had fun. I think this was one of Charlotte's highlights of the year.


Award night and Kindergarten graduation was a nice way to end the year.
Cooper received an award for Best Storyteller, which is very fitting.  ;)  And Charlotte received an award for her love of Science.
The graduation was awesome. Notice the silly string at the end. And then root beer floats!
On to First Grade and Four Year Old Preschool!!


Julie Wigle said...

Looks like a fun few weeks of school! Love the root beer float idea after graduation! And silly string! So fun!