Mar 15, 2013


I just remembered I had done this before, so I looked back to find one of Clane with a similar look on his face.  Clane definately has more hair than his siblings did (although this picture doesn't show it), but otherwise I think he fits in.  :)   I also found, while looking back in the blog that Callum was 15 pounds at two months, doubling his birth weight!  I knew he was a biggie.  Clane's not quite there, but soon will be if he keeps up his eating the way he does.  Love these babies!


Wendy said...

Thank goodness digital pictures have the dates they were taken stored in the metadata -- if these were from 20 years ago, you'd never be able to tell who was who! (Unless they had those orange block letter dates printed right on the picture.) This is truly amazing. You guys keep hitting the kid jackpot! :)

Wendy said...

That's uncanny! Or....quite "Canny." (Sorry for the double post, but how was I not to share that thought after it popped in my head?!)