Mar 15, 2013

nine weeks (yesterday)

Clane, at nine weeks, you are.... ...Beginning to be momma's velcro baby. We all understand, as your brothers were too. Velcro = super attached to momma and not so much liking other people to calm you down. ...Nighttime sleeping: first stretch 3-4 hours; every 2-3 hours after that (sigh). ...Grinning, cooing, making sweet baby noises your siblings love! Callum loves to see your grin and shout, "Baby Wayne appy!" [baby Clane happy] ...3-6 month clothes, size 1 diaper, 11 lb.s 8 1/2 oz. (at 8 weeks) ...Able to make your point known (a/k/a a very loud crier when you see fit, our ear drums take a beating). :) ...Starting to round out. :)