Jun 24, 2012

what i promise...

...you will wear lots of hand me downs, some on their fourth trip through the closets.

...you will learn to nap well in the van, on school drop offs and pick ups.

...you probably won't get to pick what games or toys you're playing with as big sis and big brothers will likely be a bit bossy.

...you won't have your own bedroom, and maybe not even your own bed beyond the crib.

...your momma won't even timely blog the announcement that you're arriving, letting it seep out to family and friends in real life and even on Facebook before it hits the family blog.

But, I don't think you'll mind much - because I promise you'll get so much more.

I promise your big sister will be your second momma.

I promise your big brothers will probably throw a ball (accidentally) at your face, but quickly hug you and say they're sorry (and mean it).

I promise that you'll love playing with this rowdy crew even if you're not the leader for awhile.

I promise that there's still a few cute things in those hand me downs.

I promise that we are beyond excited for your arrival!!!  (despite the lack of blogging)

arriving January 2013...


Julie said...

I promise you are going to be one busy momma! Fun to see the little friend in there....:)

Meghan Carver said...

Wonderful thoughts! And congratulations!