Jun 7, 2012

Callum is 2!

I'm just now finding time to write Callum's second birthday post, four days late. But that's okay, because he keeps pretending it's his birthday anyway. "I Ooo!" Callum translation: I'm Two.

Considering Cal had surgery the week before (tonsils, adnoids, second set of tubes), we kept his birthday low key. Just family here and there.  It took about 10 days for him to return to normal and last night was the first night he slept through the night since. We've (I've) been a little tired lately.  :)

Cupcakes at Grandma and Grandpa's on the farm.
His real present could've been just hanging out watching the "moos" all day - boy loves his cattle!

At Lake Wapello.

Callum makes people smile. He's chatty with most everyone, even though  he speaks Klingon (as accurarely noted by his favorite church nursery volunteer). He loves to laugh and make others laugh.

Cal, Cal Cal, Little Big, Baby (what he's most often called here at home by all of us). He'll answer to anything if there's food involved. He won't answer to anything if he doesn't want to obey (so stubborn when wanting to play).

Callum most often has food on his face and hands and in his hair. He thinks he can go potty when his brother does and we have found hardly anything he's afraid of. Cal likes to wrestle, punch (all in good fun), sword fight, play outside, play outside, play outside - you get the point. Boy. All boy.

At cousin Emily's bounce house graduation party. Rawr!

Simple cake on his actual birthday. That candle blowing was serious busines, we re-lit the candles about 20 times.  :)

Happy Birthday Callum Jeffrey - we love you!


Cori said...

Happy Birthday to Vivian's future boyfriend :) I love your post, I still haven't done hers but, like Cal, she thinks it is still her Birthday. Blowing out the candles was very serious here too...however, I did not relight them, never even occurred to me. Please do not tell Vivian that such a thing is possible! Miss you, want to come visit over my maternity leave!

Lisa Canny said...

Happy Birthday big boy! Hard to believe you are 2 already. Hope you are feeling much better these days and enjoying summer.Love Uncle Luke and Aunt Lisa

Sarah Howk said...

Awesome! Sometimes just hanging out at the farm is THE Best! Time flies when you are having fun, and growing up! Someday you wont even be the baby of the family! You are such a sweet boy!

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