Mar 5, 2012

preschool update

Charlotte likes Alvin and the Chipmunks. A lot. Simon's her favorite. Her first purchase at Target (as in carried her own money in her own purse, went through her own checkout line, handed money over herself) was a Chipmunks' Valentines movie. Her family portrait at preschool included three little chipmunks. Simon's her favorite and we find her little potions she (he) makes all over the house.

No surprise, therefore, that her first ever school Valentine's Day box was Chipmunk themed. She spent so much time on this box. She told us the ideas for the background (make it an island, with a volcano) so we made sure those pieces were down and then she went to work on her masterpiece. I liked the tissue paper lava and the flower behind Eleanor's ear. The box was huge. Who knows what next year's will bring.... ~~~~

Thursday night was Char's program. Last year, she didn't really sing. This year was a different story. The teachers told her to sing with sass - she sang with sass. They told her to sing out - she sang out. She had a great time and sang those little songs out with all her heart. It was so fun to watch her grow in this area and little kids programs are just a hoot.