Mar 5, 2012

Alvin, Simon, Theodore. Doo doo da doo da doo.

For her birthday this year, Charlotte wanted to go swimming in a hotel. Thinking we didn't want to overindulge, we agreed to a family hotel overnight with swimming, bowling, eating out but that she would not be having a friends party this year. Choose swimming or friends. Char chose the swimming and we had a fun time. A few days later, Charlotte asked if she could have two of her friends from church over for a tea party sometime because she got a new tea party set as a birthday gift. Sure, that would be fine because it wasn't really a birthday party, right, just a playdate.

The date got moved back a bit so our little planner had some time to think about her "little" tea party. First, "how about we play Alvin & the Chipmunks?" Sure, I'm sure they'll play that with you. A few days later, "how about we decorate with my Chipmunks stuff?" A few days later, "how about some balloons in their colors." Then, "how about some cheeseballs [because it's a well known fact that the Chipmunks' favorite food is cheeseballs. duh.]?"

In the end there was no tea party. But there were costumes and another birthday cake (her fourth). But it was fun! And heck, if the worst thing that we overindulge her in is more fun with strawberry pop and (real) coke out of (real) glass bottles for one Sunday afternoon - I think we're doing okay.

Part of Charlotte's decorations - I love her all on her own examples of learning to spell. So exciting to see that little brain grow.