Feb 14, 2012

happy hearts day!

We didn't have any big plans for Valentine's Day this year but a cancelled preschool morning due to bad weather combined with a daughter whose love language is gift giving and party throwing meant we ended up throwing together a little something. And it was fun. Lots of little valentines thrown around the table (and the living room floor, and the den, and the hallway...), love letters to everyone hanging from the ceiling, little treasures wrapped by little fingers - pretty sweet. What's not to love about listening to your kids tell each other and their parents what they love about each other and their parents? (worst sentence structure ever, i'm aware and totally cool with - it's my blog and i'll write grammatically incorrect if i want to, grammatically incorrect if i want to.......oh boy....it's late, i'm on a slight sugar high)

Callum contemplating scaling the table to pull down one of those pretty tempting dangling thingys.

Apparently we get really excited for new toothbrushes! Speaking of exciting gifts . . .

. . . a new garbage disposal system! Woot woot!! Ours has been broken for four years. I've wanted it fixed for four years. Today we are one step closer to that dream coming true. It's a good day! The wine and chocolates don't hurt either. ;) And my random gift to Dan - breath mints and a Maroon 5 cd, 'cause he's got "the moves like jagger, the moves like jagger...woo ooo ooo oooo like jagger." Sorry, couldn't help that one. ;)

Love love!!