Feb 16, 2012


Charlotte turned five earlier this month. Five. That's a biggie. She's had several celebrations already with one more lined up. We keep the party rolling all month long here. It's well deserved because Charlotte has been looking forward to five since we picked up the wrapping paper from her fourth birthday party. ;) Char shares a lot by her face. One look at our daughter and I can tell what's up - excited, nervous, confused, frustrated, happy, sad - notice I didn't say bored. I don't think Charlotte has ever been bored a minute in her life.

At five years old, Charlotte you are:

a creator - drawing, coloring, gluing, writing, crafting all.day.long. the supplies just stay out all the time now for your easy access.

a beginning reader - sight words and starting to sound them out words, everyday you learn a new word and it's really an exciting thing to watch.

an awesome big sister - you have your moments of needing privacy from the boys which is fine, but for the most part you are just the best to them and they love you big time.

inquisitive - you want to learn everything. you don't quite understand why you just can't understand some things and you tend to get a tad frustrated when you don't understand a particular concept. you've actually come a long way as we work through your type A tendancies towards wanting to always know the right answer. but your mind is a sponge and you take learning very seriously - which is great

funny, sensitive, daring, friendly & outgoing, welcoming, determined

The faces. I can't get over your little face. You may be a big five yar old now, but you've still got a sweet baby face if you ask me. Not quite sure why you've enjoyed showing fists in many pictures this past few months - one of your phases - ha!

And I'll leave you with this. The face of how a preschooler would choose to edit her photo. She sat on my lap the other day and chose her own edits. Hmmmm....

Happy Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome celebration post for Charlotte, the one and only! And the photo edit red lipstick and purple eyes...my, my, my! Happy Birthday, Char!!!!! Jenn R.

Julie said...

Completely freaked out by the red lipstick--but totally not surprised that she chose it! :) Happy Birthday little girl!
PS Love the square picture delay..I need a tutorial on that!