Sep 24, 2011

thoughts on 10 years

heading out the door on our (praise Jesus!) 10 year anniversary date.

two hours and dinner without kids = all we needed. :)

Mr. Rico Suave and Mrs. Forgot-to-remove-the-shades.

So, do you like your job? Are you happy?

Simple questions. Ones you'd likely ask a friend, or someone you're getting to know.

So, how did I miss it?

This past year. Since Dan walked through our front door, unannounced, at 3:00. Since the severance ran out. Since the other job, the one I wanted him to get that he was glad he did not get, wasn't gotten anyway. Since the meetings with the investors. Since the honest talks with the parents (mine). Since the dining room table, turned into the rented room, turned into an actual set of offices. Since the first customer turned into forty. Since the possibility turned into reality.

Since all of that happened . . . I hadn't asked if he was happy.

Until a quiet dinner alone.

Are you happy?
His answer is YES. Resoundingly yes.


I have no qualifications to give marriage advice whatsoever, because I've probably made every mistake in the book along the way. But if you're looking for the perfect spouse to give advice, someone with no room for improvement, than my guess is you'll be looking for awhile.

So I might as well babble. :)

Ten years is nothing. It's a blink. But, for us, it packed a punch. There's been a lot of living in the last ten years. School, buying homes, selling homes, starting a career, leaving a career, inlaw issues, a baby, no sleep, and more babies, unexpected drama, starting a new business, changing churches, and on an on. To have someone standing next to you through all that is worth it. For that person to know that his happiness matters to his wife - and hers to him - well, how much is that worth?

A lot.

So I'll keep asking. And he'll keep asking. And you should ask yours too.


Oh, and Jesus. He helps too.

And not being annoyed by her inability to completely tighten the pop bottle lid. And not being annoyed by his inability to remember that garbage bags have to replaced. Not that those things annoy us still, after ten years. :)


Anonymous said...

Autumn - It is amazing what you can do and see and experience in 10 years!! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who can miss asking what seems like the simplest questions! I am also glad to hear that you seemed to have enjoyed the past 10 years even through the hard times! Here's to many more years!!!
Erika Burkhart

Anonymous said...

Did Dan ask if you were happy? Congratulations on ten years. Love, Mom (Gramma Moo)

Autumn said...

Erika - yes, much enjoyment! thanks for your sweet comment.

Mom - ha, we actually laughed that he didn't turn around and ask me that question, but we were specifically talking about his job and he knows (most days) i'm happy here. plus, i'm a little more vocal, ahem, regarding my happiness level. ;)

sarah979c said...

You guys look great for being married 10 years! We will celebrate 10 years next May! I'm so glad he's doing what he likes- and anybody can defiantly see that when they watch one of his videos online!