Sep 15, 2011

Charlotte's Summer

Halfway through September, but I still want to post a few pictures from Char's awesome summer. One word = FUN. She found it everywhere. In the smallest of things, in the everyday normal, she finds the fun.





Charlotte you started swimming this summer! Your first swimming lessons got you a little bit more comfortable with the water and then on the next few swimming trips we look over and there you are head under water, floating around. Great job!

Worms, science books, bats, writing, sight words, making your own coloring books. You were all about learning, soaking up new to you stuff. You started cooking (first sandwich made up on your own: spinach, peanut butter and strawberries, yum?). Speaking of new - first movie theater movies - that was fun.

You spent lots of July at your Grandma and Grandpa' farm. 10 days! We missed you but you loved it. You visited all your great-grandparents and had lots of cousin play time.

You continued with some of your "interests" and added new ones, including Pippi Longstocking (she can lift horses, you know, and therefore you show us all the stuff you can lift). :) Smurfs! Annie! Wearing glasses (they "help" you read and, no, we won't say they aren't real).

There's so much I'm forgetting, but I know you had a great 4 year old summer. We love you Charlotte!