May 23, 2011

our first family camping adventure

We camped.

All five of us in one tent.

Two nights.

It rained. There was mud. There was a trip to the van to wait out a small storm. There were a few temper tantrums (mommy included). :)


There were blue skies. Lots of places to explore. Great friends. And lots of fun.

Our kids pretty much had the best time ever! Charlotte cried for ten minutes on the way home not "ever wanting to leave her best park!" And Cooper was telling me (three hours after we got back home) that he didn't want to go home. Um, buddy, look around, we're home. Sweet boy.

Frogs!Happy baby boy grins! Lake Red Rock is pretty awesome. We'd never been there before, but we'll definately back. See - proof I had fun - there's a smile on my face.

We climbed the Cordova Tower, which gives a great view of the area.

Sure mom, climing up 106 feet is fun but look - a drainage tunnel thingy - even better!


sarah979c said...

Awesome- we are tent campers too- but we haven't been camping since Christopher was born, I think!