May 19, 2011

First year down, many more to come!

Charlotte finished her first year of preschool today - it was a great year. Crazy week of fun outfits. What does it mean that on Wacky Wednesday she wanted to dress up as her daddy? :)Love our sweet girl. Char has matured SO much this year. She still has some of those lovely four year old issues some days, but really there's something magical about turning four - things get a little easier.

One day one of the school's teachers said that Charlotte "always seems to have a party going on in her head." So true. Char is always thinking, planning, dreaming of the next thing to do. She rarely misses anything that's going on around her. Char is quick to smile and always looking for the fun in any situation. She easily entertains herself and loves stories - listening to stories and creating her own. She also can't stand still for more than a minute to save her life. :)

The kids put on a little program and received some awesome memory books filled with pictures and mementos from their year.

This is Char's second program and the second time she didn't really sing. This is one thing I love about being a parent - you think you have your kid figured out and then you realize oh, nope, not so much. At Char's winter program she didn't sing a lick. Didn't smile. Was obviously (to her parents anyway) pretty uncomfortable and anxious on stage. We asked her about it later and she simply said, she didn't like singing in the "big church." Not a big deal, just a part of her personality we were surprised by. Char is always singing her school songs in her classroom and at home. She has never appeared shy to us at all. Today's program was in the church basement. Less people, less intimidating. She started to sing the first song, stopped, and just started looking around - mugging for everyone's cameras, hugging her friend. Not uncomfortable, still having fun, just doing her own thing. And I think that will be the story of her life...

One of Char's amazing teachers!

If anyone local is looking for a preschool, let me know, there's still spots available for next year (can you tell I'm on the Board - ha!).