Jan 24, 2011

a thoughtful link


So, I'm not sure, in blogging rules, if it's cool to quote this much of another post, but her words were just so perfect, I didn't just want to post a link. The following excerpt is from Resolved 2 Worship, one of my favorite bloggers. She doesn't know me from Adam, ha, but I just love her perspective. It seems to me, especially in dare I say Christian circles, so many parents strive for perfection or perceived perfection in our parenting. I've been guilty of this too. Thinking the way we do things is better than the way someone else parents. But, really, it's the heart that matters. Are we training our children's little hearts to grow into big hearts for Jesus? The rest? Simply not as important.


"'Cause I'm not after kids with perfection. I'm after kids who know they have a need for Jesus and have witnessed the failures of their mom and dad and watched their parents humble themselves and be honest with their need for a Savior as well.

God doesn't call us to be parents who have it all together. He calls us to be parents who humbly confess we don't, but we know where to go to find the source of our power in life: Jesus Christ. That's the bottom line to parenting - relationship with God, drawing near and holding fast to our Guide and Savior.

Our kids will know the difference. They will know whether we worship ourselves and thus carve on them to make them what we want them to be (just like in the Old Testament when an idol was carved because the children of Israel didn't believe God was enough). And they will know whether we love them more, or the bedtime schedule. Whether we love them more, or making sure they don't make us look bad on the basketball team. Whether we love them, or being that perfect parent who does it all "right."

If a child is loved, loved for who they are and not what they can do or be for us, they will know it. No matter what system we have or select, if our heart is idolatrous towards our kids, it's not going to work in the long run."
quote from Resolved 2 Worship Love this blog post.


Francesca said...

Thanks for posting her words. I have been struggling to do things right and have found myself discouraged beyond words. I hope as Ava grows she will know none of us are perfect and even her mom and dad make huge mistakes, in our own lives as well as parenting. Love is big, from each other as well as God.

Cori said...

That's a great quote/post, thanks! Just don't forget that your words are often just as inspiring...especially to those of us new to the Mommy trenches :)