Jan 18, 2011


I have a bit of the winter ho-hums (yep, that's a word). It's just a little too gray, too cold, too wet and frozen (yep, possible to have both) outside for my liking. My brain is a bit scattered tonight, as has been my picture taking the last couple of weeks. On with the randomness...

Meet Rich. With his Barbie gal pal of course.Char has two boy barbies. Plastic, blonde haired Ken, of course, and Rich.

I picked him up the other day, accidently called him Ken. Both kids stopped, looked up at me and said, "That's Rich." As if, I should've known. As if it's not big deal. "Oh him, that's Rich." As far as I know, they don't know anyone named Rich. His name wasn't Rich on the package.

Why did they name him Rich?

And why have I spent so much time pondering that question?


The following did not occur on my watch. I left to get groceries. I came home to the ballet. :)
To the previous owner who donated this unopened, still in gift box, craft set to the thrift store:

Thank you. It was an awesome surprise. Yes, it was messy. Yes, little bits of sand got scattered. But my daughter loved it! Please feel free to donate more messy crafting supplies. It's messy outside, might as well be messy in the dining room too.

Example of bad, blurry picture:
Examples of beautifully lovely pictures: Leslie Cook Photography
Check out her new website. It's gorgeous! So proud of you, friend!


Jennifer said...

I love these random pictures! Speaking of Rich, that reminds me that before Cardboard Brian came along, Ainsley always named her imaginary husband "Rick." No idea why, but very similar to "Rich." Also, I love the boys in ballet clothes. It takes a strong man to wear a leotard!

Julie said...

How did I miss that thrift store find?! We must go together very soon. Rich is cute stuff....

Leslie said...

Alexis had a baby doll that she named Rita when she was two. I thought it was a really odd and random name for a baby. Now, Alexis' dance teachers's name is Rita.

Btw, thanks :))