Dec 10, 2010

"well" baby

our pharmacy, I mean fridge

I had this long post in mind detailing our week of puke. Which followed our week of colds. Which followed our week of . . . well it's just been a long season of ickyness round these parts. But you know what, it's really not that bad. And it could be much, much worse. I'm grateful for my health to care for my family and for access to medical care, clean water, and, um, Lysol. :)


Callum had his six month "well" baby visit today. I say well, because, well, you saw the fridge. All three kiddos are doing their parts to keep the antibiotic industry in business. But our little guy is still just as happy and content as ever, despite technically "unwell."

Callum, at six months you are:
- sitting independently;
- rolling from back to belly (not so much the other way because you're still not a big tummy time fan);
- eating solids twice a day (although "eating" is a relatively loose term because you still spit most of it out);
- breaking out the personality with the cutest little chuckle (definitely a chuckle, not a laugh, a chuckle);
- in love with your siblings (the feeling is mutual), you just watch them all day;
- in love with your bath;
- 22 1/4 lbs 29 1/8 in. long (97+ percentile);
- sporting a similar hairdo to your pal Rudolph:

in between clothing changes :)


sarah979c said...

So sorry you guys have been sick so much, I need to talk to you about Vemma... it's a liquid nutritional supplement that helps you be healthier and keep your energy level up! Love the photo of Callum and Rudolf... Christopher saw it and asked 'what's that?' I told him Rudolf- he asked twice!

Cori said...

Glad you are all feeling better! I love that our little ones are about the same age, it's so fun to read your updates :) I think we need to have a play date so Little C can explain to Vivian the perks of rolling over. Once he tells her to roll over she'll tell him that baby food is absolutely fantastic! It's a win win. Once you all feel better we'll come visit. I could use a vacation to O town.