Dec 16, 2010


Most of the time when someone says, I can't believe my baby is however many years old, they are referring to how fast the time has flown. I don't understand how Charlotte is almost four years old. My first babe is like a real live girl now and when did that happen? But with Cooper, we're sorta the opposite. You're only two? Haven't we had you for longer than that? Haven't you been two for awhile now? Cooper has always seemed a little older to us than he should be (not always, more mature - ha!).
notice anything wrong with this picture? what was I saying about acting older? hee
Cooper at 2 years old you:
- love playing with your stick horse, any balls to throw, your books, any ride on toys, and sticks (yes, give the boy a stick from the yard and he'll be entertained for an hour - it's a hammer, it's a sword, it's a shovel, it's a horse);
- have a pretty full vocabulary and talk up a storm (when not around a lot of people);
- a willing participant to your sister's dress up games off to see the wizard
- are sleeping in your big boy bed and are easy peasy to put down at both naptime and bedtime;
- are potty training!!! we're taking it slow and just responding to your excitement, but we're definitely starting and you're doing great;
- are a hugger (so sweet);
- are shy around people you've never met, takes you a little while to warm up;
- are not a big eater. sigh. This has been a struggle for your parents and kept us up with worry at night as we try to discern the appropriate steps to take. Your recent illnesses have certainly not helped the situation. Right now, we're taking the approach that we're in control of what foods you get and when you get them. You're in control of what you eat. We don't want our dinner table to become a battlefield, but we want you to be healthy. We will get it figured out :)
- really are only willful on two different things - eating and getting your face washed. Which is funny because for not eating much, you get a pretty messy face :)
- but we adore that face!
with brother and his baby friend Brady. Cooper hearts Brady so much (he's often in Cooper's "God Bless..." list at nighttime prayers). "this is fun momma"
One other cute little thing you do right now is you tell us when you're having fun, whether you're with your buds, or just going playing with something you've played with everyday. "This is fun momma!" I think it's cute that you just want us to know. :)
We had a low key party with just us family tonight since we've all been germy around here. Your starting to feel a little better and YOU ATE TODAY! Seeing you with some energy was great (now that we've *hopefully* found the right antibiotic/steroid combination and Pediasure). Happy Birthday little guy!


Betsy said...

He's adorable! Happy Birthday, Cooper!

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! You are so sweet...and thank you for loving on Brady! And loving on "Juicy" too. :)

sarah979c said...

He is such a cute little guy, hope he had a great birthday!! I know... I can't believe Christopher is going to be 3 next month... where did the time go???