May 17, 2010

Questions for our three...

Soon to be here, baby boy at 36 1/2 weeks: I am so excited to meet you and learn of your special role in our family, how you'll fit in, how you'll change us. Will you be our true dark haired baby or be another blondie, curly-haired like sis or straight with a few waves and cowlick like brother? A chubby baby or all limbs? So far I know that you like mornings, like to cry wolf (false labor), and have big feet. :)

17 month old (yesterday - wow!) big boy: I wonder where you picked up on that special grin that gets me laughing when I should be scolding? I'm wondering what you're going to be saying next because you are just exploding with new words and even short 2-3 phrases - the funniest being, "I dunno." Will you ever start to really eat well? Will you ever eat any meat? Will you love on your new baby brother the way you do your baby friends?

Nearly 3 1/2 year old big girl: I wonder how long this new phase will last? Why did you wake up a few weeks ago with the gift of talking back and a stronger resolve to put your foot down when asked to obey? We know it's just a phase and are spending lots of extra time working on your heart, but can you give me a heads up as to when this too shall pass? :) You're this.close to flying on your big girl bike with training wheels and I wonder if we'll be chasing you down the sidewalk soon. Thank you for being a good big sister, although I also question what you'll be teaching your brother (soon to be brothers) next.


Oh, and dear husband of mine: I wonder why you thought that angle, showcasing my double chin and swollen knees (yes, chubby knees) was acceptable? At least you left out the cankles. :)


Cori said...

You look so pretty! Your family pictures are the greatest :)