May 23, 2010

dinner shenanigans

A little background . . .

a). When Charlotte was about 18 months or so, another parent asked me why she wasn't eating the hot dog on her plate. I mentioned that I didn't think she'd ever had a hot dog before. This person, shocked, then asked, "Well, what does she eat for meat?" I answered, "um, meat."

b). I used to be one of those tsk tsking parents who blamed the other parent's lack of some sorta parenting skill when I'd hear someone say their kiddo would only eat chicken nuggets. You're in charge, I'd quietly charge in my head, you control what goes on their plates.

Know where this is going yet?

Yep, I'm eating crow. Or, rather, crow shaped chicken nuggets.

Turns out, I've got one of those kids. I'm one of those parents. If I want Cooper to eat something resembling (and I use that term loosely) meat - it's apparently going to be chicken nuggets. He shuns everything else as "yucky" with a nose crinkle and a push from his picky little hand.

Now, he's certainly not getting them every meal, or every day for that matter, and he does eat other foods (any fruit, carb or dairy product and a few veggies). And I will continue to expose him to all sorts of nose crinkling options. Someone just needs to explain to the boy he's a part of a strong beef eating progeny - ha! I think I'm just getting payback for having it too easy with Char, my girl who ate an awesome variety of foods and would try anything. I'm having to work a little harder to keep Cooper's diet balanced - and I'm determined, with the occasional chicken nugget exception. :)

Of course, Char doesn't really care for nuggets - that would be too easy, right? And I am not one of those short order momma cooks - we don't make more than one meal at a time 'round these parts. So, I bought some jungle animal shaped nuggets to entice Char to eat them. Not exactly the result I was expecting.....

Her: Mom I know where these come from.

Me: You do?

Her: Yep, they are zoo animals from the zoo and the zoo animals get squished into little pieces.

Me: Not exactly, hon.

She then named her various giraffe and elephant nuggets took them on a walk through her applesauce and, well, not much eating occurred. :)

We're also still working on Coop's table manners. Notice his applesauce and nugget hair piece?


Shannon said...

Okay, this was too funny. Made my day!