Mar 6, 2010

a couple of recommendations

My Brazilian friend Sandy recently posted about her blog hopping and it got me thinking about my own little skips and jumps through the blogosphere. By the way, Sandy is not Brazilian, but rather a homegrown midwestener. She does, however, currently live in Brazil with her husband and their adorable daughter and is fabulously tan and awesome and, therefore, in my brain now thought of as Brazilian Sandy. :)


One way I tend to discover new finds in blogland is by bloggers I currently read linking to other's. That's how I found Conversion Diary(although, of course, I can't remember who linked to her). I just started reading this former atheist turned Christian and am getting lost in her archives. Very interesting.

Speaking of digging through archives, I have only touched the surface of this foodie/lifestyle blog - Kitchen Stewardship. I think it was this statement in her "About" section that I found intriguing - "The foundation of Kitchen Stewardship is simple: God gave us everything we have and asks only that we take good care of it. God gave us our health, our earth, our time and our money. " So basically, here's how to eat that's healthy, sustainable, easy and frugal. I had already been moving towards feeding myself and my family more "real food" when I discovered her blog and, in turn, learned I have so much more to learn. For the record, we still eat our sad share of SAD (standard American diet), including, but not limited too my personal addiction to McD's iced coffees. But I have incorporated some tiny baby steps in changing how we eat -which were painless, frugal and yummy - more on that to come.

And, for no other reason than to add some cuteness to a boring blog post, I give you last night's bathtime . . .