Mar 7, 2010

Called out.

As we were driving through town today:

Charlotte: Do you see that mommy? What is that? I think that's . . . and my favorite color is . . . and I think we should . . . wouldn't that be fun?

Me: (snapping back from zoning out) um hmm.

Char: Don't say that mom!

Me: Don't say what?

Char: Don't say um hmm. I think um hmm means that you're not listening. Say yes or no but don't say um hmm ever again.

Me: (embarrassed) Okay Char, I will listen closer next time. I'm sorry hon.


She's only three people. Barely three. I hope she keeps it up though, because I shouldn't be let off the hook. With all the expectations I place upon her, she can have a few for me.

But, watch out world, this one's gonna keep you honest.


Julie said...

Surprise Charlotte! (that's what Mallory wanted me to comment) Now for my comment--great picture and hilarious that she is already getting the "ummm hummm" cues. :)

Leslie said...

That is so funny!

Love, love, love that picture Autumn.