Dec 27, 2009

Christmas Magic

The stories, cookie baking, songs, nativity playtime, leaving treats for Santa and Rudolph and waking up to find them eaten with a special note just for her from the jolly fellow (oh and the presents didn't hurt either -ha!). Christmas was awesome this year for our toddler who was into it all and, lucky for her, it's not done yet. We had to delay our trip to the grandparents up north due the weather, so later this week she'll get more Christmastime fun. The smile hasn't left Char's face for days!


Kim Archer said...

what a great photo! i randomly found your blog and have a daughter named Autumn (10 months) and a son who is around the same age as your daughter (Noah 2 1/2) anyways, cool photos!

Karla said...

What a beautiful photo of Char. It's absolutely priceless!!!

Leslie said...

Oh Char...I just adore that child. Awesome photo Autumn!