Oct 30, 2009

I tried again mommy and I did it!

This week alone alone Charlotte has learned to tie a knot (she wants to tie her own shoes so badly), do the Hokey Pokey (again and again and again), sing a couple new songs, and talk like a moose (what, you don't know what a moose sounds like? Char does, she'll hook you up).

I remember at the beginning of the summer I noticed the baby almost faded away and wondering where our toddler would be when fall came. Fall has been around awhile now, but I think it just hit me how much she's growing up. Watching her baby brother you can definitely see his brain growing - how to put one foot in front of the other, how to get food to mouth, roll/kick/throw the ball, give a kiss.

But Char's brain, the brain of a 2 1/2er, this is a brain that's stretching . . . and just learning, learning, learning . . .

. . . about big kid birthday parties!

. . . about jump houses with scary tunnels and overcoming fears to find fun!

. . . about "what's that mean, mom?" (all.the.time)

. . . and "what's stupid, mom" stupid's a not nice word honey "you said stupid, mommy" I'm sorry, honey, I shouldn't have said that word "but why would you say it mom?" (uh.oh. mommy's in timeout)

. . . and "no no no Cooper" and "Cooper you get an owie owie, don't do that Cooper" and "mom, Cooper's not listening to me!"

. . . and an exploding imagination - playing safari (where did she learn that one?), mommy/baby, doctor, grocery store, movie star, teacher, animal rescuer, and on and on.

Love you little girl and love watching that brain stretch!


Shannon said...

What a great post Autumn! It is so nice to see your babies growing up, even if in pictures on your blog!