Oct 24, 2009

a fortune I can believe in

Yesterday, for my birthday dinner, Dan treated me to Chinese (while the others ate pizza - ha). And, while I don't particularly believe in the power of a fortune cookie, I will admit that it made me smile considering the last few weeks.

I guess we were a little afraid to light all the (30!) candles. But it was a fun little party with the family.

For those that haven't heard, we had an intruder in our home a couple weeks ago. We're all fine and safe now, but it was very scary and sent us in a little tailspin for awhile. I mean, I haven't been blogging so we know the universe is a little off - ha! I don't want to type all the details because a) I'm a lawyer and don't want to compromise the case and b) it's not a fun read. But I'll fill you in privately if you want - no biggie, just email me (button on the sidebar).

I will add this though, a little warning from those who've had to learn the hard way - don't neglect your personal or home safety. Keep your doors locked, phones handy, and your weapon of choice accessible. Ours was a protective, brave dad with a baseball bat. Hell hath no fury like a father protecting his babies.
And, because, you're likely all suffering from withdrawal - those babies we'd do anything for and who keep me young.


Leslie said...

Even though I get to see you in real life...it's good to see you back in bloggyland too!

Charlotte looks about 4 in that picture...so cute!

Julie said...

Glad you lit all 30 candles!! :) And glad you had a party for your special day since your friends didn't say Happy Birthday or anything! :) Dan is my hero. Love, Julie

Michelle {bsktgirl} said...

OH MY GOSH! Betsy told me about your uninvited visitor...one of my worst nightmares! I am so glad everyone is safe! ~michelle