Oct 3, 2009

catching up

I thought our falls wouldn't get busy until the kids were in school, but I was wrong. We've been super busy it seems, with nothing in particular, but busy days nonetheless.
Started the week with a girls only shopping trip - leaving kids with dads - and heading out with no diapers, overloaded bags or littles to chase. Much needed. Much fun.
Enjoying our new ride. Yes, it's a minivan. Yes, we think it rocks. The automatic opening doors have changed my life. And Charlotte thinks it's a race car, so that's worth it.
Speaking of Charlotte - she's loving fall too. Mommy brought out costumes and Halloween books. Grandma brought her new Halloween clothes, pajamas, socks. More reasons to change her clothes 20 times a day - so fun.

arts and crafts time for the little bumblee.
And Cooper, well he keeps intruding on my blog time. Ha! The days of him playing quietly on floor as I sit at my computer are well over as he continues to see the world as his jungle gym. I should just replace his hat with a helmet. :)


Julie said...

Love the all girls shopping trip--was just thinking about what I was doing a week ago at this time. :) AAhhh....memories!

Kevin Sandi Emma said...

Oh, I missed you while you were busy:) Glad you're enjoying the fall!