Sep 23, 2009

Learning the fundamentals early.

Charlotte is loving playing ball lately. Could be a combination of a new (to her) pink helmet and finding a picture of her daddy as little boy playing baseball. Dan rigged up a makeshift batting tee the other day, hung from our basketball hoop. She loved it.

Setting up in the batter's box - under her feet are chalk outlines so she knows where to stand. and we marked where to hold the bat. She liked having that direction - because, well, words like "choke up" or "stop crowding the plate" sorta don't make any sense to a two year old.

Swing batter batter!


Julie said...

Zach and Dan are on the same page....he loves trying to teach Mallory skills way beyond her years--like "step with your opposite foot when you throw." Looks like that little set up is awesome! Good job Dan!

Karla said...

Looks like fun. I might need to rig something like that up for Leah. She's so into sports right now that I know she'd love it.

Let it Shine said...

She is SO cute! I can see how serious she is - which is adorable!
And your son is precious!

Take care,