Sep 21, 2009

Of course I couldn't stay away ;)

And, of course, I'm grateful for this little bugger's robust play. We're on the ear infection/antibiotic train. Which is not fun, for anyone, but especially for this little guy who's battled aches and high fevers - too many in the last couple of months. Hopefully this last round will be our last. So I'm just happy he's got his energy back. But I am a little worried to see what he is going to do when completely healthy.

What up?


This little gal is ending her summer just as active. I'm so loving this nice warm weather because girlfriend needs her outdoor time as long as we can get it.

I haven't wanted to jinx it, but Charlotte's been officially potty trained or potty learned for awhile now. Choose your semantics depending on your point of view - ha! Either way - we put the training pants away several weeks ago and she's been going (ahem) like a champ. It's really amazing how many growing up milestones she's met this summer - gave up the pacifier, diapers, goes to sleep better at night, actually takes longer naps than she did the summer before (I run her hard - ha!).

Char remains the bestest big sister. Which is good because Cooper is starting to get all up in her business and she does a good job sharing and keeping calm when her little toys, crayons, stickers, etc. end up in her little brother's hands (or mouth).

Enjoying the warm evenings while we still can.
(I swear I dress my children, but it seems like she always looses some article of clothing while outside - another reason I'm still grateful for warm temps).


And, as this has become an update of sorts, I'll just add that things have gotten a little busier around here. I actually went several days without taking any pictures. What!?!

I have started teaching the Kindergarten class at Sunday School which actually meets Wednesday nights. It's only one night a week, but still has kept me busy. I love my kiddos - all boys! When it gets a little crazy I'll just consider it a chance to see my future with Cooper.

Plus I started painting our back entryway which is very, very, very tiny but is taking me way, way, way too long. So there will be another "before and after" coming up one of these days. And this one's a doozy - I'm painting over a painted floor stenciled to look like cobblestone, with stenciled flowers on the wall. For real. I know you're all jealous.

Peace out!


Kylee Thomas said...

the kiddos are too cute. hope all is well!

amber said...

your kids are adorable!

hope you didn't jinx that potty training.. *wink* amazing how that seems to happen, eh?

so glad you stopped by to comment.. you seem like a cool, fun momma. :) hope to know you better.

blessings to you guys.<3