Sep 21, 2009

It may be awhile...

before I'm able to blog again.

My son discovered the stairs.

My 9 month old son discovered how to crawl up the stairs.

My 9 month old son who is trying to give his mother a heart attack discovered how to crawl up and stand on the stairs...while smiling...and laughing.

Any idea how to childproof these bad boys:

(taken before he discovered how to pull himself up)

That door to the left goes to our dining room. Oh don't get me started on his love of the swinging french doors. Or his other love of trying to pull himself up to play himself. Or how he's equated climbing up the vacuum cleaner as his own journey to Mt. Everest (whether I'm vacuuming or not, he doesn't care, he just wants to climb). Oy vey!

Our daughter did not do these things. Or not that I remember. It appears that Cooper sees his home as his own personal jungle gym. And, yes I know, this gets worse. Craziness.

So, I'm signing off. For the next 18 years. To keep my son from impaling himself. See 'ya! ;)


Kevin Sandi Emma said...

Oh no, no, no. You can't sign off now. You'll just have more stories to tell... c'mon, every kid has to go down the stairs at least once, right?! Maybe that's just my justification to make myself feel better for the one time Emma went down. Like a friend said though, "At least they were carpeted!" You, friend, own the Mt. Everest of stairs. But please, please don't sign off:)

Heidi said...

Welcome to the world of boys! I would like to say it gets easier, but just last week, Aidan cut himself on a razer blade one day and was flipping switches on our breaker box another. Good Luck :)

Leslie said...

I agree, it is a boy thing. They just kind of approach things with a different kind of vengeance. Good luck with that.

Shannon said...

There is a reason God gave us a girl first. He decided to sort of wean us into the whole "motherhood" thing. I just don't see how boys can see the joy in eating pennys, dirt and rocks, climbing anything and girls just want to color pretty pictures!