Aug 29, 2009

You're Going to Have a Fun Filled Day!

So, it took a trip today to the amusement park for me to realize something.
This baby girl is no longer a baby.

Seriously. When did this happen?
No diapers or training pants. No hesitation. No more baby.
She's a kid? She can ride rides?
She can fly planes?
Buckling in my precious pilot.

She can drive trucks?
(click to see the enlarged version and that smile - complete happiness)
Love that she's adjusting the mirrors!
This baby, however is still my baby, and not allowed to grow up. Ever.
Nope, not going to happen.

"Mommy I am so happy!" says my Baby Girl.

*thanks for the tickets Kristen!!*


Julie Wigle said...

Oh super fun!!! I'm so glad Charlotte loved the rides. One last summer hoorah!!

Kevin Sandi Emma said...

Oh Wow! She does looks like a grown up girl! How did that happen in just a few months?? Before we know it, we'll be crying at their weddings!!