Aug 16, 2009

my belly still hurts from laughing!

me, Jill, Stephani

Saturday I drove to DSM for dinner with two dear, dear friends. Steph is home on vacay from South Korea and I couldn't let her go back without meeting up. Three hours went by much, much too quickly and I think we could have talked non-stop for three days or longer. Don't you just love friends that you rarely see but can pick right up with the laughing? Loves it! Jill and Stephani rock my world, to say the least - two wonderfully bright and special women.

Dinner in the big city (ha!) was my first "trip" away from the Boob Man, aka Cooper, in his 8 months. To say I had a bit of anxiety while driving out of town would be putting it mildly, considering I was going to be away for a little more than 6 hours and little Mr. Stubborn still doesn't take a bottle.

But, when I returned I was met by 3 smiling faces. Dan, a grateful dad glad I was home and a little worn out after taking care of two for that long for the first time. Charlotte, wondering what I got her (and currently playing with two cute little Korean teacups (ahem, shotglasses). Cooper, glad to see me too - but not really that upset I was gone. This is the season of my life where I don't get to come and go whenever I please - but that's okay. Really it is. I'm so aware of how short this season is. My time will come again, all too soon. But it really was awesome knowing that Cooper handled it really well - Dan just kept him full of baby food and lots of busy play (what a great daddy!).


Julie Wigle said...

Yippy for some YOU-time! :) Sounds like a great time...and the house was still standing! :) Yippy!

Anonymous said...

Autumn, Jill, and Stephanie,
Seems I remember the three of you being good friends in High School also. I, Christy Gress, graduated with you in 1998 from AHS. I am excited to find your blog and learn more about your life since high school.

Glad you had some catch up time!