Aug 17, 2009

Cooper is 8 Months!

What up peeps? I'm 8 months now, check out my mad skillz!

I'm crawling everywhere. Mommy put up gates and set up a pack n play to cage me in. Bummer because I really like trying to chew on electrical cords and other dangerous objects.

I'm very curious, very physical, laugh at everything, have a sensitive side, and enjoy long walks on the beach. ;-)

I've learned all kinds of new tricks lately.
I can pull myself up to my knees and almost to my feet (yes, that's right, all the cool kids play in empty swimming pools). I can climb over my sister to tackle her, I mean hug her. ;) I wave hello and goodbye and mommy just taught me to clap.

I pretty much rock.


Leslie said...

You're hilarious!

Happy 8 months Cooper!

Hey, starting next week I will have a couple of hours a day with just one child. We'll have to get the little guys together, maybe Cooper can teach Warner to rap or something:)

Shannon said...

Cooper...tell your mommy she has to get you out more often! She has been cooped up inside all winter and has reverted back to the 80's. I am your friend so I will tell you, never tell anyone you have mad skillz! Unless, of course, MC Hammer is your bff when you grow up. Then it is okay.
Yeah for you learning all kinds of cool new stuff! This morning Kai ate a penny for breakfast. You sound like two dangerous peas in a pod these days! See you soon....