Aug 1, 2009

A good end to a long week.

Four years ago today we moved here to O-town. It started raining right as we hit city limits. The moving van's front bumper got stuck on the end of our driveway and we stopped traffic for awhile. The cops showed up, neighbors came out of their homes, passing drivers at a standstill gave us dirty looks as we helped the movers with the overloaded truck. We made a great first impression - ha!

Good thing I don't believe in jinxing things, because we probably would have hightailed it out of here.


Cooper's week ended okay too. Turns out, after a second trip to the pediatrician, he did have an ear infection But he's doing okay now and enjoyed the swings at the park today.

Again though, good thing I don't believe I have the power to jinx the future though, but it is oddly coincidental that I just mentioned to Dan last Sunday, "Isn't it great that Cooper is over 7 months old and hasn't been sick at all?" Then on Monday - his first fever. :)