May 24, 2009

When will I learn

that when I ask my kids to pose for pictures I get this: a little girl who's picking on her brother and little boy who is still in milk coma-land...
and then a little girl who just wants to run off with the baby toy she hasn't played with in over a year.

But she stopped for a few moments anyway. And yes, they wore matching outfits to church this morning (you knew that was only a matter of time for me!).

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We had an awesome time with Grandma Pam (or Grandma Moo as Char calls her) and Aunt Kellie at our garage sale Fri. and Sat. Enough to pay for more matching outfits...just kidding Dan. ;)


Julie Wigle said...

Love the matching outfits Autumn! I think you deserve to buy a few more!! We may need to get our husbands to watch the children while we go to garage sales...glad you made some bucks!

Amy Luedke said...

Grandma Moo?!?! That is hilarious! I love it:)