May 26, 2009

Joyful reprieve.

The past week it seems that you have given us a little break, my dear. A few less demanding "No(s)!", a handful less "Me do(s)!", a smidgen less "I don't want to(s)!" Maybe we're just getting into a better rhythm as your spirit continues to move towards more independence, maybe this is the calm before the real terrible twos hit, maybe it's just been the great fresh air?

We see you on the cusp of kid-hood, but still a very much our toddler. Your brain is just bursting with letters and numbers and colors and jokes and "I love you too!" and "Amen!" Your body is stronger and faster, but still soft with the remaining adorable baby roundness. You still get a little ahead of yourself, trying to keep up with anyone who wants to play. But you're so awesome at getting back up and going again.

I can't wait to see where this summer takes you.


Leslie said...

Ahh, so sweet!

Kevin Sandi Emma said...

I love watching her grow. Emma's having fun looking at your pictures. It makes me feel like I'm still a part of your life! I love your photos!!! Very awesome! When are you coming to take Emma's 2-yr picts?? PS Thanks for the encouragement.

amanda said...

look at the magic you are making with the camera friend! great shots :)

Shannon said...

First, do you realize how great you are at taking pictures? I think you found a new calling. Second, what a great post. Your babies are precious. You are a wonderful mommy.