May 13, 2009

It's contagious.

Last night Charlotte had a hard time going to sleep which led to a huge case of the giggles - child could not stop laughing. Last night Charlotte's parents broke several parenting/disciplining rules in response to her antics and started giggling ourselves - we could not keep a straight face.
Today Cooper was not wanting to go down for his afternoon nap. I'm rocking him to sleep and just as his eyes close, Charlotte runs into his room giggling - he almost jumped out of my lap to meet her - full blown belly laughing. They laid on the bed and rolled around laughing for 20 minutes . Finally, over an hour past his naptime, I put Cooper in his crib, as he was still laughing, shut the bedroom door, and 10 minutes later he had laughed himself to sleep.
Guess there are worse problems we could have.


Betsy said...

Savor every minute of it! :)

Shannon said...

That made me laugh too!

Julie Wigle said...

Oh fun!!! :) I love it!!

Kylee Thomas said...

i didn't expect something good when i read "it's contagious" :)