May 17, 2009

5 months!

It seems like 5 minutes ago I was walking around the house telling Dan that I think I'm in labor. Five months have flown by.

Cooper, at five months you are still a pretty easy peasy kinda' kid.

You are"talking" more and more (and louder and louder). Today at church you wanted to join in the Pastor's sermon. Thankfully, we go to a great church that doesn't mind a little joyful baby babble.

You are definately on your way to teething as you just can't cram your hands, or toys, or someone's shirt, or a blanket or anything really into your mouth fast enough. I don't see any toofers poking through yet, but I'm sure they'll be here soon.

You're still a great napper during the day and pretty easy to put down at night. You're also still eating quite a bit through the night. The twice-daily cereal has helped a little, but honestly, I think you're just much too busy watching your sister during the day to be bothered to stop and nurse so you save up your hunger for nighttime.

You love rolling around on the floor, riding in your carriers, playing with your toes, talking to your animals, attention from your sister, playing piano with your dad, and tickles from your mom. You aren't so fond of long car seat rides or your bouncy seats (except when eating).

So that's you, in a nutshell, at 5 months. Anything else to add?


Alrighty then. :)


Shannon said...

Where does time go? I am turning into a sap in my old age because watching how fast our babies are growing kinda makes me sad. BUT, I remember very vividly talking to you on the phone and you so calmy told me you were in full-blown labor! :) You can tell Cooper his mommy was a trooper! you guys have time for a play date on Friday??

amanda said...

oh friend - he is beyond adorable!! time really does fly doesn't it?